An Announcement on the 66th

66 is bitter sweet as I hang up my cleats in the field of Black Urban Christian Youth Development. I walk away knowing that I gave it my all (my time, my resources and my talent)! I understood from the very beginning that my call was both unique and revolutionary from within the Black Christian community. We knew that we would be serving the most challenged urban youth or those who were on the other side of the cross.

Over my thirty plus year career in the field of Black Christian Urban Youth Development, we sought to bring innovation while attempting to influence the field from both a Christian and the Black church perspective. When I entered the field, I had absolutely no models for which I could emulate so I was forced to carve a path that for many was both weird and completely outside the norm for the Black Christian church particularly the evangelical community.

I am thankful for those who were unashamedly willing to walk beside me regardless of the dark moments. I am thankful for the many individuals in the Detroit area, around the United States and particularly in the African diaspora who God has used me to influenced them to serve Christ beyond the traditional models.

Soon I will announce my successors in this work.  I anticipate them to do even greater works and for them to carve new ground. Someone asked me a few days ago, am I pleased with the things that I have accomplished? The answer to that question is NOT!  When I entered this work, I thought we would be able to significantly move the needle for black youth in all our community-based deficits. The Satanic stronghold on urban system is unbelievable. Do not be deceived we wrestle not against individuals but evil systems and principalities (DT). I just saying….

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